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Chrysler PT Cruiser may live on

US media quotes Chrysler president Tom LaSorda as confirming the end of production for the retro-styled sedan, launched in 2000.

"Since the announcement of [the end of production] PT Cruiser Cabrio last year, there have been a number of exaggerated reports announcing the end of the PT Cruiser model," Chrysler Australia's Jerry Stamoulis says. "To date, there has been no communication from the Chrysler product team that suggests PT Cruiser production will end.

"Over one million PT Cruisers have been sold worldwide and the vehicle remains an important part of our Australian portfolio."

Stamoulis says the quotes relate to the sale of production tooling for the PT Cruiser.

"It is not unusual within Chrysler that a buyer will be sought for tooling and equipment from a model that is in the process of generational change," he says.

"PT Cruiser is at that stage of its model life and as I understand it Mr LaSorda's quotes are relative to that process."

If the Cruiser were to be axed it would be the seventh cancelled since Cerberus Capital Management bought Chrysler in 2007.

The Dodge Magnum wagon and Durango SUV, the Chrysler Crossfire, PT Cruiser convertible, Aspen SUV and Pacifica SUV have been discontinued. Chrysler is reportedly looking to sell the Dodge Viper.