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Chinese Tank is coming for your HiLux and Ranger: GWM Tank 300 ute appears with epic retro styling

The Tank 300 is set to spawn a ute-based sibling that will share its retro styling.

The GWM Tank 300 looks set to spawn a ute-based sibling that will share its retro styling, with new pictures of a heavily camouflaged truck testing in China emerging.

The Tank 300 shares much of its underpinning with the GWM Ute, also known as the Cannon, but looks like a vastly different product, with a boxy, retro design more reminiscent of a Jeep Wrangler.

But the Tank 300, and its bigger brother the Tank 600 both appear to be converted into truck products, with both heavily camouflaged vehicles spotted.

A Tank 300-based ute would share much of its specs with its SUV counterpart, which measures 4760mm long, 1930mm wide, 1903mm tall and has a 2750mm wheelbase.

It would also promise to be an off-road ace, with 224mm of ground clearance, and approach and departure angles of 33 and 34 degrees respectively, which are better numbers than you'll find in the GWM Ute (27 and 25 degrees) and the Ford Ranger Raptor (32.5 and 24 degrees).

You can also expect it to share the 300's powertrain, which – at launch – include a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine with 167kW and 387Nm, but is rumours to soon include a new diesel donk good for 135kW and 480Nm.

GWM Tank 300 Ute testing. GWM Tank 300 Ute testing.

Low range-equipped 4WD with several drive modes will also appear, as should the Tank 300's 12.3-inch widescreen multimedia system.

The Tank brand is all-but locked in for Australia, with Great Wall having already imported a 300 for evaluation purposes, having already trademarked the name Down Under.