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Children still hail mum's taxi at 30

How old is too old to be driven around by your parents?

Parents now expect to drive their children around until they are in their 30s, a poll in the UK has found. And of those who regularly act as a parental taxi service, 15 per cent think they will be doing it forever.

To give all these lifts parents cover an extra 2735 kilometres a year, according to the poll by insurer Allianz. Taking taxis over that distance would add up to a fare of $13,519.

The study found that around 40 per cent of parents expect to stop driving their children when they pass their driving tests, with 19 per cent assuming it will continue until they leave home and 17 per cent until their children can afford cars.

Parents of children aged between 13 and 16 drive the most extra kilometres each week, while those whose children are nine to 12 spend most time hanging around waiting for them. And like loyal chauffeurs, parents spend a total time equivalent to four days a year just waiting for their progeny to finish at classes and social events.

How old is too old to be driven around by your parents? Or should parents be happy to be the chauffeur for life? Let us know in the comments below.