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Carsguide Radio Episode 8

...we go electric.

More specifically we investigate the promise of electric cars.

We are starting to hear that they are close to arriving on our streets but you know what I think there is one thing we are forgetting. Not everyone drives their car into a garage every night were there is a power point and extension cord standing by.

Most people, especially in city areas where you would think electric cars will be more popular to start with, park their cars on the street at night.

So how do they recharge their batteries? Well there is a new scheme being planned for Canberra that will see recharging stations installed in car parks and other public places. the old days tradies and farmers pretty much had the choice of just a couple of manufacturers when it came to their vehicles.

Now a days however the range of commercial vehicles available is huge. There is about to be even more competition with the introduction of Chinese made Great Wall Motors utes.

Mahindra Australia has also unveiled a brand new model of their pik up range.

For all this and much more, listen to the podcast above.