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CarsGuide Podcast, Ep.25

In this episode James, Matt and Crafty recap Elon's trip to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas (1:15) and what's being teased ahead of the New York motor show (3:10).

They ask if the era of the promotion model as an ornament at motor shows is over (7:45), because who better to do that than three blokes?

Frosty Chops is on the Central Coast of NSW (11:00), James saw some classic cars go under the hammer (11:50), and Crafty explains how all-wheel drive isn't 4-wheel drive but also they kind of can be in certain situations (15:55), and Lexus have built a yacht (19:15).

Volkswagen has announced plans to build a lot of electric cars (22:50) and we run through what's been in the CarsGuide garage this week (28:25).

James Cleary, Matt Campbell and Marcus Craft tear down, pressure test and rebuild the issues of the automotive week.

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