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CarsGuide Podcast, Ep.22

Episode 22 - Ranger Raptor rage, hydrogen Hyundais, fancy Ferraris and (alleged) diesel dodginess

This week James, Richard and Crafty discuss the current location of Elon's space Roadster (01:35), the Model 3's build quality (03:20) and a cryptocurrency scam (04:40).

Then Crafty reports on the response to Ford's Ranger Raptor (05:40), the possibility of an Everest Raptor (09:10) before attention turns to Hyundai's electric Kona and hydrogen Nexo (10:10), meanwhile a German newspaper is accusing Daimler of fiddling with their diesel emissions (13:30).

Frosty Chops, for reasons passing understanding, is still in Korea (16:20), but in more relevant news the Mustang has received some performance enhancements and price adjustments (17:30).

James runs a short quiz on what is and isn't legal to do while driving, (19:40 - submit your answers on a postcard) before we look at a new Ferrari and a new Porsche and pose the question "what's the point?" (22:40).

Finally, Richard wants to know what your ultimate zombie apocalypse car would be (25:10).

James Cleary, Richard Berry and Marcus Craft tear down, pressure test and rebuild the issues of the automotive week.

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