CarsGuide Podcast, Ep.16

CarsGuide team

11 Jan 2018 • 4 min read

Episode 16 - "Knobs are better"

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In this episode:

- MUSK WATCH: Elon wants to relive the 1950s

- Eletric and hybrid vehicles have out-sold the combustion engine for the first time. In Norway. Where the field is tilted quite heavily. But still, that's cool.

- Meanwhile, in Australia, SUVs are outselling cars, but the HiLux still rules the roost.

- Meanwhile, in the US, Ford sold 800,000 F-Series trucks. That's almost-but-not-quite the entire Australian new-car market.

- Back to HiLuxes and Toyota has some new ones coming.

- Back to SUVs and Mazda has announced the CX-8, completing the Star Wars motif if having things numbered in no particular order.

- We've been driving the Toyota 86 and the Hyundai i40 wagon and have thoughts.

- J3 went to Summernats. He won't ever be the same.

Richard Berry, Matt Campbell and James Lisle tear down, pressure test and rebuild the issues of the automotive week.

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