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Carsguide car of the year 2003? Honda Accord Euro

2003 carsguide car of the year, the Honda Accord Euro

The Accord Euro won the News Ltd Star Car award narrowly from the Mazda RX-8, with the hi-tech Toyota Prius II in third place.

The Honda Euro took first-place votes from three of the eight Star Car panellists and the RX-8 got the nod from two.

The other voters chose the Prius, BMW's 5 Series and the Ford Falcon RTV ute as their top car of 2003.

Using a Grand Prix-style point-score system with each voter choosing their six top cars of the past year in finishing order - scored 10-6-4-3-2-1 - the Accord Euro polled 44 points to the 42 of the RX-8, with the Prius on 27 and Subaru's Liberty on 16.

Judges in the Star Car contest were asked to chose their top cars of 2003 based on their design, efficiency, value, safety, quality, performance and - most important of all - how they rate against their rivals.

It was first presented to the Holden Commodore VT in 1997, and Holden scored again with the compact Astra in 1998 and the born-again Monaro coupe in 2001.

Toyota Echo was Star Car of 1999. Ford won with the brilliant BA Falcon in 2002. The other star, and the only luxury car winner, was the Mercedes-Benz C-Class in 2000.

Honda's Accord Euro is a standout car from a company which went back to its strengths to create an all-new family car. It looks good, is quiet and easy to drive, and rates highly for safety, comfort and enjoyment. Yet it's starting price is $34,250.

The Advertiser Motoring Editor Mike Duffy cast his votes for: BMW 5 Series, Holden Adventra, Mazda RX-8, Alfa Romeo 147, Honda Accord Euro and Audi A8.

Overall points

Honda Accord Euro, 44
Mazda RX-8, 42
Toyota Prius II, 27
Subaru Liberty, 16
Audi A8, 15
Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, 10
Ford Falcon RTV ute, 10
BMW 5 Series, 10


How we voted

Paul Gover
carsguide Melbourne

1. Honda Accord Euro
2. Subaru Liberty
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Toyota Prius II
5. Lexus RX330
6. Nissan 350Z convertible

James Stanford
carsguide Melbourne
1. Honda Accord Euro
2. Toyota Prius II
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Audi A8
5. Magna AWD
6. Subaru Liberty

Kevin Hepworth
carsguide Sydney
1. Mazda RX-8
2. Honda Accord Euro
3. Audi A8
4. Subaru Liberty
5. Toyota Prius II
6. BMW Z4

Mike Duffy
carsguide Adelaide
1. BMW 5-Series
2. Holden Adventra
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Alfa Romeo 147 GTA
5. Honda Accord Euro
6. Audi A8

Keith Didham
carsguide Hobart
1. Toyota Prius II
2. Honda Accord Euro
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Subaru Liberty
5. Mitsubishi Magna AWD
6. Toyota Kluger

Gordon Lomas
Courier Mail, Brisbane

1. Mazda RX-8
2. Audi A8
3. Ford Fairlane G220
4. Honda Accord V6
5. Citroen C3 sensodrive
6. Jaguar XJ8

Bruce McMahon
Courier Mail, Brisbane

1. Ford Falcon RTV ute
2. Holden Cross8 Ute
3. Mazda RX-8
4. Alfa Romeo 147 GTA
5. Honda Accord V6
6. Volkswagen Touareg V10

Neil Dowling
Sunday Times, Perth

1. Honda Accord Euro
2. Toyota Prius II
3. Alfa Romeo 147 GTA
4. Subaru Liberty
5. Mazda RX-8
6. Audi A8