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Buyers aren't considering Ford or Holden | survey

Only 7 per cent of car buyers are considering a Holden, and 5.6 per cent a Ford.

It's official. Australians are falling out of love with Ford and Holden. The sales charts have been showing us this for years but the brands are perhaps in even bigger trouble.

Independent research firm Roy Morgan, which surveys more than 5000 car buyers annually, has been measuring their "intention to buy" certain brands for the past decade.

And the news is not good for our former favourites that for decades dominated the top two spots on the Australians sales charts.

Holden is now ranking almost as low as Ford in buyers' minds

The number of people intending to buy a Holden in the next four years has slumped by more than half, from a peak of 15 per cent in 2006, to just 7 per cent in the most recent survey (the 12 months to March 2015).

To put this in perspective, Holden is now ranking almost as low as Ford in buyers' minds.

The figure for people intending to buy a Ford has dropped from a peak of 12.1 per cent in 2005 to just 6.5 per cent in the most recent survey.

In other words, both brands have suffered a similar fall from grace and both are now battling to get back on top.

The new metal can't come soon enough

Holden says it has 24 new models due in the next five years. Ford says it has 20.

The new metal can't come soon enough. However Ford looks as if it has a head start, with important new models around the corner including a refreshed Ford Ranger ute, all-new Everest SUV and sporty Mustang to add some gloss.

Holden's revival plan is still some years off. The replacement for the ageing Captiva is at least 12 months away, as are the revised Colorado ute and the next-generation Cruze.

Meanwhile, the age-old Holden versus Ford battle is set to return — but they're duking it out for No.4 and 5 on the ladder, not one and two.