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Bond's Aston Martin DB10 spits flames in new Spectre trailer | video

New trailer for James Bond's 24th outing shows 007's flame-throwing Aston Martin DB10 in action.

James Bond is set to lock horns with old foes the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (SPECTRE) in his 24th film, and his new DB10 is going along for the ride.

"Magnificent, isn't she?" says Ben Whishaw's Q as the purpose-built Aston Martin is first revealed to the British spook.

It's hard to disagree, given we have been staring lovingly at the Bond special since our first look at the end of last year.

We still don't know exactly what is sitting under the bonnet, but according to the Quartermaster, the DB10 will do the zero to 60mph (96.5km/h) sprint in 3.2 seconds. That puts it in the same performance ballpark as a Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren F1 and Koenigsseg CCX.

This isn't the typical car one drives straight off the showroom floor

The figures are made more impressive by the fact Bond does away with any fancy dual-clutch paddle-shifting automatic transmission, instead opting for a more traditional manual gearbox.

And in true 007 spirit it is clear this isn't the typical car one drives straight off the showroom floor (Casino Royale's Ford Mondeo excluded).

While we have seen the DB10 in previous teasers for the new film, this new trailer does show Bond's car is capable of shooting slightly more flame out of the exhaust than you'd typically expect as he deals with a Jaguar C-X75 foe.

Rest assured though, Q does hint there's "a few little tricks up her sleeve".

Hopefully those tricks will keep the DB10 in better shape than Bond's last two cars. His DBS met a world-record setting end on a Montenegrin back road in Casino Royale, and the iconic Goldfinger DB5 came to grief thanks to the business end of a helicopter gunship in Skyfall.

The Aston Martin DB10, and Daniel Craig's Bond, will be seen in full flight when Spectre hits Australian screens on November 6.