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BMW Z4 turned into gold Chinese dragon

We've seen some over-the-top modifications before -- the extreme slants of 'stance' wheels, bitumen-scraping skirts and spoilers set high enough to require an aircraft warning light. But this gold BMW Z4 takes personalisation to a stratospheric level.

The sports car has been turned into a Chinese dragon -- either that, or one of the mythical creatures has developed a taste for German metal and started chowing down on the Beemer. And the mod has obviously taken considerable effort, with dragon wings mounted on scissor doors, a tail, claws and other parts meticulously carved out of yak bones. The dragon has been fitted over a gold metallic wrap, with wheels treated to match.

The dragon car was created as an exhibit for the recent China Import and Export convention in the country's Guangdong province, which suggests it's unlikely to ever hit the road. However, even with the additions it could still easily be street legal. You might have to convince the police it would keep any fire-breathing urges in check.

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