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BMW Z4 Coupe priced to entice, out this month

BMW this month launches its Z4 Coupe and Z4 M Coupe in Australia with a price advantage.

The 195kW three-litre Z4 Coupe will cost $87,900 in six-speed manual and $90,500 in six-speed Steptronic auto, which is $3300 less than the Roadster.

It also compares favourably with the SLK 350 at $114,400 and the Cayman at $118,000.

The 252kW 3.2litre Z4 M Coupe comes in six-speed manual only at $127,200, which compares with the SLK 55 at $163,400 and Cayman S $148,500.

The price differential from BMW Roadster to Coupe is $3300.

BMW also claims its Coupes are faster, lighter and more fuel efficient.

The Z4 Coupes will arrive with similar features to the Roadster models such as dynamic stability control which can be totally switched off, cornering brake control, dynamic traction control and dual front and side airbags.

The M model adds Bluetooth mobile phone capability, sat nav, TV and an audio system that makes a lot of noise.

BMW claims the Z4 Roadster and Coupe are the first European vehicles with audio systems to receive THX certification.

That accreditation is only given to audio output and speakers that are endorsed by Lucas Films, the makers of the Star Wars movies.

BMW uses Carver speakers which allow high sound pressures from small speaker sizes.

They use 10 speakers including two subwoofers and achieve a total output of 430 watts.

BMW claims potential buyers are mainly males aged 35 to 45 years with an appreciation of high-end audio systems.

But the Z4s are not just about noise; they are also about performance, boasting a stiffer chassis, stiffer suspension and a 0-100km/h sprint time of 5 seconds.

How the Z4 handles Australian roads will be revealed over the next few days of the Australian launch through the twists and turns of Tasmania.



BMW Z4 and Z4 M Coupe Engines: straight 6, 2996cc (195kW/315Nm); 3246cc (252kW/365Nm)

Transmission: 6-speed manual (Z4 , Z4 M), 6-speed Steptronic auto (Z4)

Fuel: 55L tank, 8.9L/100km (man Z4), 12.1L (Z4 M), 9L (Z4 auto)

CO2 emissions (g/km): 213 (man Z4), 216 (Z4 auto), 292 (Z4 M)

Kerb weight (kg): 1320 (man Z4), 1350 (auto Z4), 1420 (Z4 M)

Available: This month

Price: $87,900 (6-speed manual), $90,500 (6-speed auto), $127,200 (M)

Mark Hinchliffe is a senior roadtester on the CARSguide team and also editor of the Courier Mail CARSguide. A full review of the Z4, as well as other news, reviews and analysis will appear in the Courier Mail CARSguide this Saturday.