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BMW M2 Competition Pure 2018: Cut-price M car to cost less than $100k

The BMW M2 Competition will get a cut-price Pure version

BMW's incoming M2 Competition is expected to get a cut-price Pure variant that will keep the sticker price at less than $100k.

The Competition version, which will land in Australia in October, replaces the current M2 and M2 Pure, adding more power, bigger brakes and better aerodynamics - all of which lead to better performance.

But with the jump in outputs will come a similar jump in price. BMW is yet to confirm hard numbers for the new model, but CarsGuide understands it will jump to around $105,000 from the current car’s $99,529. The current M2 Pure, which strips features to lower the price, is even cheaper, listing at $92,929.

The new M2 Competition produces 302kW and 550Nm

But BMW is keen to keep the entry point to the full-blown M car range at less than $100,000, and so is understood to be studying a Pure version of the Competition that would start at below that six-figure barrier.

The move would make sense, with BMW already offering a Pure version of its M3 and M4 performance car. In M2 guise, the Pure version is manual only (the more expensive car offers a seven-speed dual clutch automatic), and loses heated seats, adaptive headlights and keyless entry.

The new M2 Competition makes use of BMW’s 3.0-litre straight-six engine, producing 302kW and 550Nm (up from 272kW and 465Nm in the current car). It's paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic - though a six-speed manual will continue to be offered as a no-cost option.

That makes for some pretty impressive performance, with the M2 Competition clipping 100km/h in 4.2s (with an automatic gearbox), and pushing on to 280km/h.

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