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BMW i3 120AH 2019 gets bigger battery, more range

BMW's pint-sized i3 EV will soon travel further between recharges, with a 2019 update increasing both battery capacity and estimated range.

The latest changes, which amount to doubled battery size since the car's 2013 launch, give the i3 a capacity of 120Ah and 42.2kWh. The changes increase driving range from around 300km to 358km, according to NEDC measurements. During what BMW refers to as "everyday use", the i3 can now travel 30 per cent further between recharges, with 257km on offer.

The i3 will regain 80 per cent of its charge in just 42 minutes when plugged into a fast charger, while customers that have a BMW i Wallbox at home can get the same level of charge in 4.9 hours. Should neither of those solutions be at your disposal, then a standard charging cable using household power will require around 15 hours to hit 80 per cent charge.

The exterior changes have been kept pretty minimal (a new paint colour and adaptive LED headlights headline the changes), but the performance figures have improved, with the 127kW i3 able to clip 100km/h in 7.3 seconds, while the 137kW i3s drops that number to 6.9 seconds.

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