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Best thing you have ever done winner

The winner takes $1000 of fuel from Subaru and

In fact, it was hard to even narrow the entries down to a shortlist.

Just about every story was amazing, and we were in awe of all of you. 

A special mention to all those selfless volunteers who have worked so hard for charity; all those who lent somebody else a helping hand; all those incredible acts of bravery; those people who have had the courage to leave abusive relationships; and those who mentioned special adventures they’d been on - or special love they’ve been given.

We salute you all. 

In the end, we narrowed it to down to two finalist entries - and then (in tandem with Subaru) had an even tougher time deciding between those two.

But after all that, the prize goes to Rose Powell of Queensland, who wrote: “The best thing would be my partner teaching me to read and write again after having a stroke.” 

The judges were won over by Rose having cited her partner’s effort to teach her to read and write, and also by what we know would have been a huge effort on her part to regain those skills.

Congratulations, Rose.