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Automobili Pininfarina PF-Zero 2020 teased

Famed Italian design house Pininfarina will reveal its first full production car at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance in the USA, with teaser images of an all-electric supercar concept called the PF0 (or Zero) hitting the web today.

Unveiled to the select few, that is. The PF0 will be revealed exclusively to prospective customers at the Pebble Beach event. The rest of us will need to wait a little longer.

While Pininfarina has lent its design services to some of the world's most iconic cars (most notably from the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo stables), the full-EV PF0 is the firm's first full-blown production car.

That said, production is a relative term. A maximum of 150 PF0s will be built from 2020, with each to be hand-built in Italy, with Pininfarina's all-electric creation aimed squarely at the world’s most elite hypercars.

“Numerous design icons from Pininfarina’s incredible history have won awards at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, so I am excited to present a future Pininfarina classic to prospective owners in close proximity to this famous event,” says Automobili Pininfarina CEO, Michael Perschke.

“Our presence in Monterey is an inspiring chapter in the story of realising Battista Farina’s long-held dream: one day there will be beautiful cars solely branded Pininfarina. These special VIP previews mean that future PF0 owners, most of whom will undoubtedly own numerous modern and historic classics, have an opportunity right now to be part of the birth of the company and their hypercar.”

The teaser images reveal little of substance, other than that the cabin looks utterly driver-focused, with key driving information seeingly displayed on twin screens that frame the steering wheel. We also know the PF0's body will be sculpted from lightweight carbon fibre, and it promises to be devastatingly fast - the company is aiming for a sub-two-second sprint to 100km/h, and a staggering 400km/h-plus top speed.

Everything else is a mystery, I’m afraid, but earlier reports have pointed to Mahindra (which owns Pininfarina) and electric performance car specialist Rimac providing the PF0's EV technology.

Is this the ultimate EV? Tell us in the comments below.