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Australia's electric car charging network expands

Evie’s first electric vehicle ultra-fast charging station has opened in Coochin Creek, Queensland.

Electric car recharging company Evie Networks has opened its first ultra-fast charging station on the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Situated at Coochin Creek, around 60 kilometres north of Brisbane, the new charging station heralds the 42 planned outlets along Australia’s east coast from Evie Networks that will be rolled out over the next 24 months.

Crucially, the just-opened charging station makes use of 350kW ultra-fast charging technology from Brisbane-based Tritium, which can add 100 kilometres of driving range to compatible electric vehicles (EVs) in as little as 15 minutes.

The two-station Coochin Creek charging site also features adaptors for both European and Japanese EVs, with the Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf and Jaguar I-Pace in attendance at the opening, while Evie Networks will charge users a pay-as-you-go fee via their bespoke app for use.

However, the station will be free to use until the end of November.

Evie Networks is promising that its station is “powered by 100 per cent renewable energy”, and will be open 24 hours a day with nearby amenities.

The new charging station heralds the 42 planned outlets along Australia’s east coast. The new charging station heralds the 42 planned outlets along Australia’s east coast.

Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills said the new EV charging infrastructure will open the door for new emissions-free vehicle adopters.

“This station is the first of what will be the largest rollout of ultra-fast highway charging stations being built in Australia,” he said.

“There are currently only around 70 fast charging sites in Australia, most of which are proprietary or require a subscription.

“Providing ultra-fast charging stations at accessible highway locations around the country, all open-access and ‘pay-as-you-go’, like the Coochin Creek, is about serving EV drivers and opening up new journeys.”

Meanwhile, Queensland Electric Vehicle Association chairman Jon Day said: “It really opens up the corridor between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for electric vehicle drivers like me, with the benefit of charging at the maximum speed my EV can handle.

“It’s especially a real game-changer for lower-range electric vehicles with smaller batteries because it means they have an easily accessible 24/7 charging option just off the highway,” he said.