Australia to get more Subaru BRZ coupes

23 January 2013
, CarsGuide

Subaru Australia has doubled its normal allocation of BRZ coupes – but the waiting list still stretches to September 2013 if a car is ordered today.

Subaru has twice as many BRZs being built for Australia in February and March – 130 each month – but this still won’t fill the 515 orders on the books. Subaru says it plans to continue to make the BRZ available for sale exclusively over the internet; customers who visit a dealership are assisted with their purchase online, or sent home with instructions.

Meanwhile the boss of Subaru Australia Nick Senior says that, contrary to widespread speculation, there are no plans for a turbocharged version or a convertible. “There is no turbo version, no supercharged version, no convertible in the plans that I’ve seen,” Senior told News Limited.

Car company executives typically know what’s coming four to six years before it arrives in showrooms. Subaru receives only a fraction of the cars that Toyota gets of the BRZ’s twin, the 86 coupe. Under the joint venture agreement, Subaru gets one BRZ for every 12 Toyota 86 coupes.

Toyota Australia has ordered about 2400 coupes since the model went on sale last year, and yet still has a three to six month waiting list depending on colour and model grade. But even though Subaru isn’t getting a high allocation of cars the BRZ is still a good deal for Subaru; Toyota buys the 86 from the Subaru factory that builds them.

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