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Audi issued $1.3b fine over dieselgate scandal

Audi's dieselgate woes continue.

The fallout from the dieselgate scandal continues, with Audi today fined a staggering 800 million euros (around $1.3b) after settling with German authorities charged with investigating its diesel emissions breaches.

The whopping fine brings the scandal's total cost to the broader VW Group to more than US$30b, following the company's admission three years ago that millions of cars had been fitted with "cheat" devices that misrepresented the amount of pollutants generated by its diesel engines. Audi itself has recalled more than 900,000 vehicles globally that were fitted with software.

"According to the findings of the investigation carried out by the Munich II public prosecutor, monitoring duties had been breached in the "emissions service / power engine approval" organisational unit in the context of the monitoring of vehicles regarding their regulatory conformity," Audi said in a statement today.

"Following thorough examination, AUDI AG accepted the fine and it will not lodge an appeal against it. By doing so, Audi AG admits its responsibility for the deviations from regulatory requirements."

The news follows reports that the former Audi chief executive arrested as part of a broader investigation into emissions cheating remains in custody after having his appeal for release denied by a German court last month.

Rupert Stadler was arrested in June after German authorities claimed he posed a risk to their investigation, with fears he could suppress or alter evidence, or coerce witnesses. The former high-flying executive remains in custody.

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