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Aston Martin's exclusive new wheels are a pram

The Aston Martin pram uses the same upholstery leather and suede as the cars.

Doting parents no longer need to wait until graduation to give their kids some prestige wheels. Aston Martin has designed a luxury pram that for a mere £2,000 – or just a tad under $3000 – will carry their newborn in high-end style.

Developed in tandem with Silver Cross – a British maker of baby carriages since 1877 – the Aston Martin Edition pram has everything the upper-class child could want.

For a start, the wheels are based on those of the limited edition Aston Martin One-77, which retails for £1.2 million in Britain but would likely be closer to $3m here, if any of the 77 built had made it to Australia.

The pram will also be a limited edition, with just 800 being made available exclusively from Harrods in April, each fitted with an engraved brushed chrome plaque and arriving with a certificate of authenticity.

The Aston Martin pram also uses the same upholstery leather and suede as the cars, while there’ll be no baby bumps with a special air-ride suspension system. And with Aston Martin’s renowned build quality, you can bet on the only rattles being the ones in the bubs’ hands.

Aston Martin hasn’t detailed whether there will be any additional accessories that can be optioned, but we think there’s scope for a few superspy features.

Concealed machine guns might clear the checkout queue when mum’s in a hurry, and a spray of tyre-piercing tacks would slow down rivals for the last vacant table at coffee shops.

Parents might pray some days for an ejector seat that would fire a tantrum-thrower out of the postcode – or perhaps they could take some inspiration from that other master spy, Maxwell Smart, and turn the hood into a cone of silence.

Karla Pincott on Google+