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ANCAP hands five-star safety ratings to Mazda 3, Range Rover Evoque, Lexus UX, Toyota RAV4 and VW Touareg

ANCAP has handed out a string of five-star safety ratings

Australia's crash-testing body has handed out a string of five-star ratings for recently launched models, with the new Mazda 3, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Touareg, Lexus UX and Range Rover Evoque all scoring full marks from ANCAP.

Mazda's all-new 3 - traditionally one of the country's best-selling cars - scored 98 per cent for adult occupant protection, 89 per cent for child occupant protection, 81 per cent for vulnerable road user protection and 76 per cent for its safety assist systems.

The 3, which also arrives with AEB, lane keep assist and lane departure warning as standard, scored praise from ANCAP for its "record high" Adult Occupant score.

“It is encouraging to see safety continuing to be prioritised across the market,” said Mr James Goodwin, ANCAP Chief Executive.

“The physical protection offed by the popular-selling Mazda 3 was excellent, scoring a record high 98% forAdult Occupant Protection.”

Toyota's new (and very good) RAV4 also took home a five-star rating, scoring 93 per cent, 89 per cent, 85 per cent and 83 per cent for the same series fo tests, but was singled out for particular praise for its AEB system. But ANCAP did point out "an issue" with the deployment of its side curtain airbag.

“Petrol and hybrid-powered Toyota RAV4 models scored well across the range of tests, with strong performance of its autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system seen across a range of speeds and scenarios with cars, pedestrians and cyclists," Goodwin said.

"In the oblique pole test, engineers noted an issue with the deployment of the side curtain airbag and penalties were applied.”

Over to Toyota's luxury arm, where the Lexus UX SUV scored 96 per cent, 88 per cent, 82 per cent and 83 per cent across its tests, and got praised for its suite of active safety features.

“All FWD and AWD variants of the hybrid Lexus UX are fitted as standard with a range of safety assist features including AEB, lane support and blind spot monitoring, and ‘Good’ performance was seen across testing of these features,” Goodwin said.

Volkswagen's new Touareg will also wear a five-star rating, recording 89 per cent, 88 per cent, 72 per cent and 78 per cent in its key tests.

“In the Large SUV segment, the Volkswagen Touareg offered ‘Good’ protection in side impact testing. ‘Marginal’ levels of protection were noted for the chest of the driver in both frontal crash tests and the oblique pole test," Goodwin said.

Finally, the Range Rover Evoque recorded a five-star rating after scoring 94 per cent, 89 per cent, 72 per cent, 73 per cent in its major tests.

“The Range Rover Evoque offers a range of active safety assist systems, and tests of its autonomous emergency braking scored well," Goodwin said.

"Tests of lane support functionality showed some ‘Good’ performance however the system does not intervene in more critical emergency lane keeping scenarios."

It's worth pointing out here that the above is a mere snapshot of a long and complicated testing procedure, so it will pay to head to the ANCAP website for the full testing results.

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