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All the sexy people for Fiat song

Fiat has pulled out all the stops to be part of a new music video for a track that has already become known as ‘the Fiat song’ from previous ads.

All the Sexy People, sung by Arianna with help from Pitbull, looks set to be another Fiat video hit with appearances from Charlie Sheen – his second stint for the brand – a beach full of dancers and a couple of mermaids who lose their tops.

The song itself has a retro flavour, and has previously been used for Fiat’s ‘Immigrant’ ad, which saw the little 500 model emerging from the ocean onto US beaches – a stunt reprised in All the Sexy People with a Fiat 500 jetski.

A video takes us behind the scenes for the shoot on a Miami beach in Florida, with the expected crowd scenes of women dancing around in bikinis – and Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Sheen (or his former character from Two and a Half Men).

Arianna drives a Fiat underwater,  a pod of Fiats skim the waves, Sheen circles two mermaids on his own private island and makes off with their tops, then turns up in a cryovac bed with a pair of lingerie models.

Following on from the steamy ads featuring supermodel Catrinel Menghia, this is becoming signature marketing for the Italian car brand.