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Alfa Romeo to retain unique character through image adjustment

While Alfa Romeo is part of Stellantis, don't expect the next Giulia to share a platform with a Jeep or Peugeot.

Alfa Romeo will ensure it retains its unique identity as well as highlighting its heritage into the future as it transitions to an all-electric automative brand under the massive Stellantis group.

As part of Stellantis, which is also home to Jeep, Maserati, Fiat, Chrysler, Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and more, Alfa Romeo models will have some mechanical relationship with models from some of these other brands, for example components, but senior executives maintain that it won't dilute the brand, and there won't be any model sharing.

"There will be common stuff, yes, but there will always be specific [stuff]. We need the commonality to be sustainable, because if not, Alfa Romeo, as a company would not be sustainable," Alfa Romeo head of product, Daniel Guzzafame, told CarsGuide at the Tonale PHEV drive.

Alfa says that the four-to-five new models planned for the next five years would be supported by two platforms. The company plans to release the Tonale PHEV SUV in Australia in 2023 and says that a new Giulia, the brand's flagship sedan, may be on the horizon.

Alfa Romeo said that limiting the number of platforms to two is a no-brainer because changes in the expense of producing a core platform mean these are now cheaper to build and the firm is more focused on the pricier body and components.

As for the sharing of technology, being a member of the Stellantis group has some tangible benefits for Alfa Romeo, amongst its peers, the firm counts fellow Italian marque Maserati, as well as cult favourite Abarth and manufacturing giant, Fiat.

"There are things that are specific and that we want to keep specific, typically for a certain time. It is very rare in today's market to find something that is unique and remains unique," Mr  Guzzafame said.