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2021 Hyundai Ioniq 5 features one trick the Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 cannot match

The Ioniq 5’s centre console can move from the front to back, making exiting the vehicle in tight spaces easier.

Hyundai has revealed a new image of its upcoming Ioniq 5 interior, which is set to be as gentle on the environment as its all-electric powertrain thanks to sustainably sourced materials.

However, a headline feature of the cabin will be the ability to slide the centre console from the front row to the second.

This, combined with the flat floor and lack of transmission tunnel, means that passengers will be able to enter/exit the vehicle on either side, regardless of where they are sat.

Hyundai envisions this would be useful when parking in tight and narrow spaces means opening doors on one side of the vehicle isn’t a possibility.

The brand has even renamed the centre console the ‘Universal Island’ and is “the centrepiece of the Ioniq 5’s living space experience”, according to Hyundai.

The ‘Universal Island’ itself though, looks fairly unremarkable with two cupholders, a large storage cubby and armrest.

Both front seats also boast extendable leg rests to make occupants a little more comfortable while the vehicle recharges its battery.

Though exact interior dimensions yet to be confirmed, the all-electric powertrain should allow for even more room inside the Ioniq 5 mid-size SUV than what you might find in a Mazda CX-5 or Toyota RAV4 thanks to its flat floor and lengthened wheelbase.

For reference, the Ioniq 5 measures 4640mm long, 1890mm wide, 1600mm tall and has a 3000mm wheelbase.

The Ioniq 5’s cabin will also be decked out in environmentally friendly materials such as eco-processed leather and sugar cane-derived fibres, as well as a dashboard made from recycled plastic bottles.

The single image released also shows an all-digital instrument cluster and large multimedia screen, as well as physical buttons for climate controls.

As previously reported, the Ioniq 5 will be built on a new E-GMP platform that will also underpin Kia’s push into the electric space.

The exterior lighting signature will be unique on the road, thanks to the square design for the head- and tail-lights, while the Ioniq 5 will be available with 20-inch wheels.

Powering it all is a 230kW dual-motor set-up, which sends drives to all four wheels for a zero-to-100km/h acceleration time of just 5.2 seconds.

The 58kWh battery will also enable a 450km driving range (when tested on WLTP conditions), but a larger 73kWh unit boosts range up to 550km.

Hyundai’s all-electric Ioniq 5 is due to be revealed in late February, and will hit Australian showrooms later this year.