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2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition | new car sales price

Mitsubishi's legendary Lancer Evolution is going out with a bang after a production run of 23 years running through 10 models.

The company's local operation has confirmed a 150-unit run of the Final Edition "Evo" will get more gear and a power and torque boost from 217kW and 366Nm up to 226kW and 414Nm.

This makes the Final Edition the most powerful production Evo ever.

The all alloy, 2.0-litre, turbo engine arrived with the Evo 10 in 2008 and was a step away from the previous, relatively low-tech 4G63 powerplant that used a cast-iron cylinder block and alloy cylinder head. It was considered to be a "bullet proof" engine and won a number of World Rally Championships in the 1990s in the hands of Fin Tommi Makinen.

The Final Edition sells for $53,700, a small premium of $700 over the "standard" Evo 10.

In five-speed manual only, it gains a swag of desirable high quality goodies including Bilstein upside down dampers, Eibach springs, Brembo brakes and Recaro partial leather sports seats. The five-speed manual is used because it's a stronger gearbox than the six-speed used on the later Evos.

It's basically a "turn up the wick" retun

It rolls on BBS 18-inch forged alloy wheels with performance rubber.

Interior upgrades include more leather and other highlight material to various fascia and interior trim components. A rear view camera is standard as is a premium audio system and other comfort enhancers.

The exterior gains some additional bling including contrasting body paint and striking wheels with gold highlights. A dual-outlet exhaust is tuned to generate a more purposeful exhaust note.

Mitsubishi has been guarded in its response to questions about the future of the Evo

The extra engine power comes from minor changes to the inlet and exhaust valves and a recalibrated engine control computer. It's basically a "turn up the wick" retune.

All other mechanical components and dynamic features on the Final Edition remain the same as the current Evo 10 and include an active differential, Super Active Yaw Control, brake force distribution and multi-mode drive selection featuring tarmac, gravel and snow modes.

Mitsubishi has been guarded in its response to questions about the future of the Evo, a car that has given the Japanese manufacturer a high level of "street cred" for years.

The company has shifted focus to making light commercials, SUVs and "affordable" passenger cars instead of so called "hero" cars like the Evo.

Some talk suggested the existence of a hybrid Evo but the appearance of the Final Edition quashes that.