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2015 FG X Ford Falcon revealed | updated

This is it. The final Falcon. The last local Ford hits the road on December 1 and this is how it will look as the XR8 hero car. 

Ford Australia is finally going public with a full reveal of the Falcon's new bodywork after a series of teaser pictures, and Carsguide has it first here.

The new look on the XR includes a bolder grille opening — with an Aston Martin flavour — laser-cut headlamps, LED daytime running lights and a bigger bonnet bulge. The cabin will be more upscale and there will be some mechanical changes as Ford completes the package to take the Falcon through to the Broadmeadows factory shutdown in 2016.

The new Falcon will make an instant impact when it hits the road and its importance cannot be overstated. It is truly the end of the line for an Australian icon and ends a chapter of motoring history that began in the early 1960s.

"We designed this car to be our best Falcon ever and expect it to live up that goal," Ford Australia president Bob Graziano tells Carsguide.

"Falcon has always been a special part of the Ford line-up and this model is no different. This is not only our best-ever Falcon, but it also shows the new face of Ford." That means the new nose is similar in style to the latest front end on the baby Fiesta and a range of coming global models.

"You'll also notice a strong family resemblance linking Falcon to the new Mondeo and Mustang which will join the line-up next year as our future flagships," Graziano says. But Graziano says the Falcon is more than just a car.

"It's important to show how the spirit of Falcon innovation will live on. A very important part of Falcon is the people behind the car, many of the same people who will now direct their passion and energy to a variety of global Ford products.

"There is a lot of pride behind it from the designers, engineers to the assembly teams that will be putting them together." It's too early for Ford Australia to reveal the technology, equipment, pricing and — crucially — the name for the new car. Even so, we can confirm it will not wear FG III badges and the XR models will come with a paddle-shift automatic for the first time.

Graziano might be keen to talk about the car, but will not be drawn on the name. "Stay tuned.You are going to have to wait a little longer to find out what it is. There are still a number of features to reveal but it’s too soon to talk about those,” he says.

He confirms the XR8's return at the top of the Falcon line-up, as well as the continuation of the current engine selection. "The XR range makes up a significant portion of our Falcon sales and our customers have been asking for the return of the XR8 for some time now.

"As the new model in the line-up with a bold and sporty new look, it's the model our XR customers can't wait to see. You'll learn more about the rest of the range including the premium G6E very soon. The new range broadens customer's powertrain choice as well with four, six or eight (cylinders). We offer EcoBoost, the locally developed EcoLPI engine, turbo and naturally aspirated six and the venerable Miami V8 on Falcon."

Graziano denies that the final Falcon is just a run-out special for Ford tragics. "Falcon has always been a car for customers who appreciate great driving dynamics. Response to the look of the car has been very positive so far and we think this is a car that customers will enjoy owning. "

He is not making any outrageous predictions on the sales front. "It's ultimately up to customers. We will continue to match production with demand which is a core tenet of the way we run our business.

"Consumer tastes have changed with Australians moving towards SUVs and small cars. Customers still looking for a large sedan will find (the new Falcon) bold in design with great technology and more powertrain options than before.

We have something for everybody who is looking for a large car. "We are all proud of this car and the global products we are now designing and engineering here for the future, like (the Territory replacement) Everest. Everyone at Ford is committed to making this car our best ever Falcon and taking that passion to shape our future."

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