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118 Scale Diecast Review - Exoto Daytona Cobra

Exoto’s first models where of Lotus Formula 1 cars, closely followed by the Daytona Cobra pictured here. While the model is now almost 20 years old the quality and level of detail is still very high compared to contemporary models from manufacturers such as those from AutoArt or Minichamps.

Some variations are still available but recently Exoto have started to discontinue some of their older models. Now is probably the time to grab one of these before they disappear for good. Once any Exoto model is discontinued from there product line, prices invariably increase on eBay.

Overall shape, in typical Exoto fashion, is spot on – there is however some variation in colour between the model and the recently restored real example. You can compare the color in the gallery above to the real car in our Daytona Cobra: Car of the Week article here. make the bold text a link

By today’s Exoto standard the engine bay detail is somewhat simplistic, however there is still enough there to put this model in the upper end of the collectors market.

A highly recommended model and a piece of automobilia history as one of the early models by Exoto.

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