Top 5 car news pieces of 2017

22 December 2017 by Malcolm Flynn

Police cars, efficiency tech, fast Kias and future Commodores make up the hottest news of the year.

You’d think the closure of the Holden and Toyota factories would rank among the biggest news of 2017, but if you think about it, we already knew that was coming years ago.

News is all about the now and the future, but for CarsGuide it’s also about police cars, fuel efficiency, a fast Kia and the next Commodore.

5. 2018 Holden Commodore revealed

The appearance of a new Commodore may not have the cachet it used to, but our story about the first pics of the new German Commodore in December last year was popular enough to make it Number 5 of 2017.

We’ve since driven a pre-production prototype of the new car, and while it won’t be available with a V8, rear-wheel drive or in the shape of a sedan, it didn’t disappoint.

It’s pricing is reasonably sharp too, undercutting the previous model while bringing a bunch of new tech the old Australian-built model never managed. You’ll find anything else Commodore related on our index page.

4. Volvo S40, V40, XC40 confirmed for 2018 rollout

Volvo may not be a big seller in Australia, but when confirmation of a bunch of new models hits, the brand’s loyal fan base clearly ignites.

When the new S40V40 and XC40 SUV were confirmed for 2018 in April, our story generated enough traffic to propel it to fourth place in our overall 2017 news standings.

We’re still yet to see the new S40 and V40, but had our first look at the XC40 in LA last month and it could well ruffle a few feathers among the Audi Q3BMW X1Mercedes-Benz GLAMini CountrymanRange Rover Evoque and the upcoming Jaguar E-Pace fraternity. Check out all our Volvo coverage on our index page.

3. 2017 Kia Stinger priced from about $40k

The Australian pricing for the Kia Stinger was easily some of the most anticipated news of 2017, and when executives speculated about a circa-$40k kick-off point in April, our story became the third most popular news piece of 2017.

The actual base price of $45,990 was announced some months later, but there’s no arguing that the Stinger isn’t Australia’s new bargain rear-drive family performance machine. All of our Stinger coverage can be found on our index page.

2. 2018 Mazda 3 to use compression ignition for 30 per cent efficiency boost

Months before Mazda officially confirmed the new SkyActiv-X compression ignition for the 2019 Mazda3, the Nikkei Asian Review had the good oil on this ground-breaking tech.

Our story based on this report became the second biggest news piece of the year, which either suggests that there’s either quite a few of you out there who understand what compression ignition is, or simply like the sound of efficiency that’s 30 per cent better.

What Mazda is promising with SkyActiv-X is genuinely amazing, so do check out our stories from Mazda’s official announcements as well. We’ve delved deep into the drivetrain tech and potential fuel savings, how the drivetrain integrates with the new body, and why engineers have chosen a torsion beam rear suspension for the next Mazda3.

1. Kia Stinger GT on the cards for Australian police

Two of those elements combined to create our biggest news of 2017, with confirmation that the new Kia Stinger is being considered as a replacement for the Falcon and Aussie-built Commodores on Australian police fleets coming straight from the Stinger’s January international reveal in Detroit.

Our custom rendering of what a police Stinger could look like no doubt also helped, but it’s now looking almost certain that we’ll be seeing the Stinger pounding a few beats in the near future. You can read all about the Kia Stinger on our index page, or anything relating to the boys and girls in blue on our police index page.

What was your favourite piece of news in 2017? Tell us in the comments below.

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