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The advantages of buying new

The advantages of buying new

We all know the main drawback of buying a new car is depreciation. Read any car-related article and you’ll get the spiel on depreciation and new cars.

While it’s important that people know the full extent of depreciation, it’s not the whole story. There are plenty of reasons to go with a brand new vehicle, despite the matter of resale value.


The ticket price may be higher for a new car, but if you’re getting finance the interest rate is usually lower than if buying used. If you’re looking at your budget right now, those percentage points really add up.

We’re not saying it will be cheaper to go with a new car, but you may find it will be pretty equal in the long run, all things considered.


Don’t forget the servicing differential. Maintenance is generally not required before several thousand kilometres of driving, so a new car’s consumables (batteries, rubber bits, plastic bits, filters and so on) won’t need expensive attention for your first few years of ownership. Free servicing often comes as part of the sales package on new cars anyway.


Cars are like computers. Every year they’re featuring with new technology that contributes to greater fuel efficiency, increased safety standards and fewer nasty emissions.

The only way to ensure you’re getting the best of this stuff is to buy the new model. Not to mention all of the electronic bells and whistles like Bluetooth, parking sensors, heads-up display and much, much more.

Roadside assistance

Another serious perk of new car ownership is the included roadside assistance. Even if your car is in tip-top shape, it’s entirely possible you’ll get a flat tyre or forget to turn off your lights (unless they turn themselves off). Often, basic roadside assistance plans are bundled up in the new car purchase price, so you’re covered!