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Will the Holden Colorado 2020 be discounted?

I am looking at the 2020 Holden Colorado Z71 in light of the heavy discounts that are being announced. However, when I spoke to several dealers, they said that around $51,000 is it. I can get a fully loaded Isuzu D-Max for around $54,000. My question is, should I wait on the chance that the big discounts are still coming?

The degree of discounting Holden will employ will ultimately be determined by how many cars are still sitting at dealerships in the final few weeks running up to the closure of those dealerships. If Holden really can sell all its stocks of Colorados at $51,000 apiece, then that’s what will happen and no further discounting would be likely.

It then becomes a question of how patient you can be. If you don’t need the vehicle straight away, then waiting might be a good idea in case the cars are slow to move and Holden slashes the price again to get rid of them. Given that Holden is about to disappear altogether (for good) dealers won’t want to be sitting on any stock as the final hour approaches.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be paying anything like full retail price for a Holden, mainly because you’ve identified the one big problem: They’ll drop retained value quicker than a make and model that’s still in business. That’s a bit odd in a way, since the cars will still carry a full factory warranty and parts and service will be readily available, but that’s the way the consumer world works when it come to brands that are set to disappear from the landscape.

I’d be afar more inclined to spend the extra few thousand dollars and go for the Isuzu which is more highly regarded by the trade anyway, thanks mainly to its superior engine. The Holden would have to be considerably cheaper than the D-Max to earn my hard-earned cash.