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Why does the tyre pressure light keep coming on in my 2019 Mazda 3?

Asked by Jen

I bought a Mazda CX-3 in mid-2019, on long trips the tyre-pressure light kept coming on for no apparent reason, often twice during a trip. I noticed that sometimes the cruise-control did not work and sometimes the car slowed unexpectedly. The dealer kept "fixing" things but after one trip every warning light came on. Dealer said it was just a glitch. Next trip everything happened at once - all the warning lights,
cruise-control did not work, car sped up and slowed unexpectedly and digital speed display stopped working. Mazda still said the car was safe but eventually agreed to replace it.

Unfortunately, the replacement has started to exhibit the same issues and we have asked Mazda to give us our money back as we do not wish to suffer through the same issues. Mazda refuses, saying that the car is operating as expected. Well I don't expect the tyre-pressure lights to come on without a reason and the dealer thinks it is the same issue as before. We are worried that it will end up as previously. We understand similar "safety" issues have happened here and overseas and dealers have not been able to fix them. Have you heard of any other instances? The experience was terrifying and we don't wish to go through it again.

Answered by CarsGuide

1 Aug 2020 David Morley

The symptoms you’re experiencing all sound like they have something to do with the body computer(s) on the car. So it’s conceivable that a bad batch of computers on Mazda’s production line could affect more than one car. And if that’s the case, you’ve just been unlucky. That said, Mazda is not exactly a stranger to body computer glitches, and Mazda 3 built between 2015 and 2017 were, in fact, recalled to fix just such a problem that was affecting the operation of the windscreen wipers.

If you’re unhappy with Mazda’s approach, you can contact the ACCC to try to organise a resolution. But if the second car is only throwing up bogus tyre-pressure alerts and hasn’t started having other problems yet, then you should give Mazda the chance to put it right. The other problems may never develop, but if they do, I reckon you’d have a decent moral case for getting your money back. That said, Australia doesn’t have the `lemon laws’ that, say, the USA, has so getting a refund is not a simple matter.

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