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Which is best sports?

I AM buying either a 2006 BF Ford F6 Typhoon or a 2006 Clubsport R8, and would like your comments on their performance, fuel economy and reliability -- and which is the best to drive overall?

BOTH have awesome performance, but I would put the Typhoon slightly ahead in that area. The Clubsport is smoother and a little more refined on the road. In terms of fuel consumption, really if you're planning to buy a performance car such as either of these, fuel consumption shouldn't be a consideration. But under normal driving I would expect both to return 15-16 litres/100km. Neither is particularly good in that area. In reliability terms, the Typhoon has had problems with the clutch and there's a question mark over the rear axle, so the Clubsport is probably the better there. Both are exhilarating to drive, the Typhoon perhaps slightly better.