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Where to sell a Grand Picasso with a broken transmission?

I have a much-loved 2007 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive diesel with all options, including leather seats, mood lighting etc. and it is generally in excellent condition. It's mostly been driven on the highway and the engine is running very quietly and smoothly, having travelled just over 200,000 km. I am the only owner and have the full service history. The only issue is that the automatic transmission has just failed. Where can I sell the car without having the transmission fixed?

You'll have trouble selling it without getting the transmission fixed, so I would recommend that you take it to a transmission specialist and at least get it assessed and quoted so you know what you're up for. I doubt that the trade would be interested in it, unless you could perhaps convince a Citroen dealer to trade it in. Other than that you could try selling it to a specialist Citroen wrecker. Whatever you do, you will take a bath on it if you don't fix the transmission.