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When replacing a turbo is the transmission touched at all?

Just bought a 2007 Mazda CX-7 with 85,990 km and complete service history. After four weeks the turbo was gone. The service wasn't due. I paid nearly $6000 for a replacement and when I picked up the car, within 12 hours, after 20 km, it started jerking and was peeing transmission oil. I got towed back to repairer to be told transmission is stuffed, which would cost another $5000! I’m convinced it’s connected to works just done? It’s too coincidental surely? This was roadworthy four weeks ago with no oil leaks. Do they touch the transmission in anyway when relating to turbo replacement? Any advice or help please?

I wouldn’t expect them to touch the transmission when replacing the turbocharger. You could have another mechanic check the work done.