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What's causing the doors to lock and suddenly unlock in my '07 Holden Barina?

I have an electrical issue with my 2007 Holden Barina that I can't diagnose on my own. The central lock is going crazy; when I open or close the car it locks and unlocks really fast all the doors for a few seconds, sometimes more. Also happened while driving, and then the warning lights turned on on their own and couldn't be switched off. Also the mirrors don't respond to the electrical fitting button. I first thought it was a broken actuator, but that doesn't explain the warning lights. Maybe an earthing fault somewhere? Or a wiring issue?

Barinas were noted for their electrical problems. It could be an earthing problem, or a wiring problem, the only way to find out is to trace it through the wiring loom, or enlist the help of an auto electrician.