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What used hybrid should I buy?

I want to buy a hybrid car. My ideal would be the Lexus UX Hybrid or the new RAV4 Hybrid but both are out of my price range. So I am thinking of the Lexus CT200h from 2017 (which I can pick up around the $30,000-$35,000 mark - borrowing $10,000). Or should I just buy the Toyota Corolla Hybrid and save $10,000 and have no loan (I am a single parent)? Are there any pros/cons of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid or any other vehicles I should consider that are very fuel-efficient/better for the environment that I can afford at $20,000 but still have some luxuries such as reversing camera, Bluetooth etc?

The world of hybrids is moving very fast, Hannah, and the rule of thumb is that newer is better purely because the technology is improving all the time. You’re obviously concerned with running costs and your carbon-footprint, so the latest hybrid technology with a full factory warranty would seem to be an obvious way to go.

That puts the new Corolla Hybrid firmly in the frame as both a car with the latest planet-saving and life-saving tech as well as Toyota’s five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty as well as a ten-year warranty on the hybrid’s batteries. For some reason, Lexus hasn’t budged on its four-year warranty, meaning that a 2017 CT200h might only have a few months of factory cover to run if your bought it now. You’ll also potentially pay more for the second-hand Lexus than you will for the brand-new Corolla.

The only real drawback with the Corolla Hybrid is that its luggage space – because of the battery-packs – is quite shallow. But beyond that it’s a great car with the hybrid driveline thrown in for just a couple of grand extra. That’s a bargain and it’s one of the reasons the new Corolla will be a lot of Australian families’ first hybrid.