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What to do with a troublesome '13 Jeep Grand-Cherokee?

Two years ago I bought a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and from the very beginning I've had problem after problem after problem. It has been back to the garage so many times that I have lost count. After the last time it was in we had a discussion where I explained if anything else goes wrong that would be it, as I was beginning to feel very unsafe driving it. Well, something else has gone wrong with it. I can’t believe how many times it’s been in since I purchased it. It cost so much money that I thought I would be getting something reliable, but I haven’t. Is there anything you think you could help me with, as I really don’t know where to go from here?

The best thing to do would seem to be to get out of it, either by selling it or trading it in. If you’ve kept a record of the dealer visits and what was done on each occasion you could seek to talk to Jeep about them buying it back, or giving you a good deal on a trade-in on a new model. The problem with that is that you would end up with another Jeep, and the possibility of more trouble.