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What should I do if I'm unhappy with my car service?

I have a Subaru. I’ve had the car serviced twice at the dealer’s I bought it from before moving to another dealer much closer to where I live. Upon checking the car out, the second dealer tells me the sump drain plug had been cross-threaded at last service, they attempted to fit the old and new plug unsuccessfully, they also had to replace the pan, cost $829.29. I contacted the first dealer and they said all the work carried out was not necessary bar the drain plug cost $80.00 and that was that. Subaru said it was faulty workmanship and referred back to the second dealer. What rights do I have in this situation?

If the plug was cross-threaded and couldn’t be repaired by re-tapping the thread then replacing the oil pan was the only option. That would suggest the first dealer was at fault and should be responsible for the repairs needed. You need to sort it out with the first dealer, if that doesn’t work, go to your state consumer affairs department and ask for their advice.