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What's a cheap and reliable car to learn to drive in?

My wife has recently got her Learners Permit, and I'm after a second car for her to learn in and eventually drive. Ideally, we would like a small automatic car and hopefully under $10,000. I've looked at Toyota Corollas based on their reliability and relative cheap servicing costs. Are there any cars you would recommend? Are there any cars I should avoid?

The Corolla is a good choice; they are generally reliable and cheap to run. One word of warning, however, is that they used the Takata airbags, which are the subject of one of the biggest recalls in history. Should you buy a Corolla check to see if the airbag has been replaced. If it hasn't have it replaced, if it has check to see what the replacement airbag was as this might need replacing sometime in the future. I would recommend against buying European, cheap Euros tend to be expensive in the long run.