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What car is able to tow a minimum of 2200kgs?

I need a car that can tow a minimum of 2200kgs. Looking for something in auto, with a bit of comfort (my current car is a G6E), what would you suggest? 

Iain Kelly ANSWERED BY Iain Kelly
13 December 2019

If comfort and solid heavyweight tow-ratings are on your shopping list I’d recommend looking at the turbo-diesel V6 Land Rover Discovery, or the 200-series Toyota LandCruiser GXL. Both are superior tow vehicles to many dual-cab utes on the market, while offering genuine luxury in their cabins, and plush coil-sprung suspension. If a 4x4 leaves your mustard un-cut I’d be suggesting a large full-size American-built pick-up like a Dodge Ram, Ford F-150 or HSV Silverado.