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What can I do to stop Ford replacing the engine in my Everest under warranty?

I own a Ford Everest Titanium with 40 km and a blown motor. Ford have agreed without notifying me to a brand new full long engine, injectors, glow plugs, and whatever else to be replaced under warranty. I am not happy with this, as I have complained about the engine and transmission issues since we took delivery. I was advised to contact Ford’s customer service which the dealer did while I was there. I've told them not happy and want a new vehicle, as this has been a lemon since I got it, with other warranty issues that have not yet been resolved. What can I do?

It would appear that Ford is doing the right thing by replacing the engine under warranty, so you have no complaint there. As for the other issues, on which you haven’t elaborated you should negotiate with Ford’s customer service seeking a deal that satisfies your concerns.