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Holden Colorado: Driving a diesel with a DPF in the city

Are you aware of Holden's new requirement for DPF cleaning on the Colorado? If the message comes up on the dash it's mandatory to drive for at least 30 min at 2000 rpm at speeds greater than 50 km/h, or damage may occur to components. This has just happened to us at 2300 km.
It was sorted out under warranty, but apparently I was to have been informed of this requirement when enquiring on the purchase, and apparently should have been advised that this vehicle is not suitable for slow urban driving? Can you please provide some light?

It's not an unusual requirement with a diesel with a DPF. The DPF normally cleans itself automatically without you even knowing, you don't have to do anything. But if you don't do the sort of driving that invokes the automatic regeneration you then have to take action as recommended by Holdens to do it. Diesels don't work at their best when tooling around the ‘burbs at low speed, and anyone buying one with that sort of driving routine should ask their dealer about the suitability of the vehicle for them.