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VW Touareg grinding noise

Further to the report in Carsguide on August 30 regarding a grinding noise in the steering of my VW Touareg and the follow-up report by Dave Hall on September 20, I wish to advise that VW contacted me and arranged for the car to be checked by another dealer. Once again the mechanic who tested the car could feel the grinding and the car was booked in for inspection.

When I picked up the car I was told that the grinding was normal, so they tested a near new Touareg with me and the car had a similar grinding noise, although not as pronounced as in my car. VW contacted me some days later and advised that they did not give warranty for tyres or front-end alignment, but as a good will gesture they would replace the two tyres and align the front-end at 50 percent of the normal price. I am now waiting for the tyres to be changed and then intend to get an independent report from a front-end specialist.

Were you given an explanation of what was causing the grinding noise? I can't believe it's normal for a car to have a grinding noise, so I would be pressing VW for an explanation that makes sense to you. It's also a good plan to get the car independently checked, as you are going to do.