Uneven wear across tyres

I have an 18-month-old VW Golf GTi that has only travelled 14,000 km. Just recently tyre roar has become an issue. It has always been there, but now is very loud. I have been back to the dealer and he believes it is the inside edge of the tyres wearing. Two mechanics I consulted seem to concur with the dealer. One said he regularly sees it with 3-Series BMW's and changes the camber from the factory settings to alleviate the problem. In my case it seems to be caused by the GTi being lower than the standard Golf by about 15 mm. Have you heard of this tyre problem with the GTI? Is it Common? How should I remedy this as the front inside edges are wearing faster than the rest of the tyre? If this is a design problem and what help can I expect from Volkswagen.

It is not uncommon to see uneven wear across tyres with the aggressive geometry settings carmakers use today to make their cars handle like sports cars, and it could well be the cause of your tyre noise issues. Changing the settings could fix your problem, but I would consult a suspension specialist, preferably one schooled in VWs, before making any changes. I doubt VW would be interested; it comes with the territory when you buy a car like the GTi.