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Toyota Prado 2010: Overheating

Asked by Mal

I read with interest about gearbox overheating problems in Toyota utes and wonder if this also applies to the latest Prado with the same D4-D engine. I towed a 20-foot caravan to Qld and back over a period of three months with my 2010 Prado GX. Whilst going up the Adelaide Hills the gearbox overheat warning light came on much to my consternation, however as we were nearly to the top we carried on and once over it went off. There were no serious hills to negotiate until we came to the horrendous climb on the road between Batemans Bay and Canberra in NSW. The light came on again and I was forced to stop four times in some fairly precarious places to let the gearbox cool down. When we finally made Canberra we went straight to the Toyota dealer who advised that they knew about the problem and it was fixed by a re-programming of the gearbox computer. We had no further problems for the rest of the trip, but I must admit to being a bit skeptical about the computer fix and would like to know if any other complaints of this nature have surfaced. As we are considering another trip would it be prudent to put an oil-cooler on the gearbox. I hasten to add the loaded weight of the van was 2350 kg and under the 2500 kg limit Toyota advertised. Apart from this glitch, the vehicle performed brilliantly.

Answered by CarsGuide

18 Jun 2012 Graham Smith

Your experience is not uncommon. We had a number of reports from Hilux owners in the year of so after the ute was launched, but we thought the reprogramming of the computer had fixed the issue. Perhaps it hasn't. Talk to your Toyota dealer, and also get the advice of an auto transmission expert about fitting an external oil cooler. If you plan to travel over hilly terrain on your next trip it  would be a good idea to fit an extra cooler.

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