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Toyota RAV4 2019: Should I buy the hybrid or petrol model?

The new Toyota RAV4 seems to be getting good reviews and selling well, especially the Hybrid version. But will it suit me if the majority of the driving is out of built-up areas? I normally drive around 300-350 km per week consisting of a 100 km there and 100 km back trip at 80-100 km/h on freeway and country roads and about 100-150 km around the city. Will a hybrid suit me or would the straight petrol version be more economical over the life of the car? I generally replace my car at around 100,000 km.

The hybrid is at its best in city type driving where the electric motor does more of the driving. Out of town it will be petrol motor doing most of the work, so it might well be better in your case to go for a straight petrol engine.