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Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2011: What can I do about a mechanical failure?

I have a 2011 Toyota Prado, on a Darwin Alice Springs return trip I took bad fuel and it started running rough. I stopped car and called for tow truck, the local mechanic said he thought it was bad fuel, likely causing injector failure and a blown piston. On return from $1500 tow contacted my insurance company, they advised engine failure and that there was no cover. They offered no further investigation, or inspection or acknowledgement of mechanic report of Accidental Damage to engine due to contaminated fuel. Further investigation from second local Repco Mechanic advised that fuel samples taken proving contaminated fuel causing accidental damage to engine. Resubmitted Insurance claim including supporting reports and evidence from mechanics. They again declined in writing sighting mechanical failure with no cover. I have submitted a dispute to this decision with supporting evidence. Please advise any similar stories known to this effect and favourable outcomes regarding insurance claims.

Carefully read your insurance policy to see if it specifically covers mechanical failures. They rarely do. Normally you have to take action against the person who supplied with the crook fuel, or the fuel company involved.