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Toyota LandCruiser GXL 2018: Auto transmission issues

We have just clocked up 18,000 km on our 2018 Toyota LandCruiser GXL and it seems there may be a big problem with the auto transmission. We were travelling at 100 km/h and all of a sudden revving it’s head off at 3000 rpm then a bit of a clunk into the right gear. A bunch of warning lights came up (pre-crash warning, engine light, traction control and a take to your nearest dealer warning). Took it straight to the nearest dealer, which was 70 km from where this occurred. Any idea as to what the issue could possibly be?

It could any number of things and the dealer should be able to identify and rectify the cause for you. It could be as simple as a faulty solenoid in the transmission, a problem with the car’s computer, or a dodgy electrical connection.