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Toyota Kuga Titanium 2014: What's the best car to trade it for?

My local Ford dealership has gone bust and the closest place for servicing and warranty repairs is over two hours away. That’s not an option I'm interested in, so I would like to trade my 2014 Kuga Titanium for a Toyota, Holden, Nissan or Kia that is of the same quality as my lovely car. What would you advise?

Are you trading simply because the nearest Ford dealership is two hours away? If that is the case, I would suggest you look at other service options locally, and think about having it serviced closer to home. It is five years old after all, so sticking with the dealer is not as important as it would be if the car were newer. If you are determined to trade I would suggest, in order, the Toyota, Nissan, Kia and Holden. All build cars of a similar quality and reliability to the Ford.