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Toyota Kluger 2013: Radio replacement

I purchased a brand new 2013 Toyota Kluger Altitude with Sat Nav included. Throughout the cars history the radio head unit has been losing satellites, slow to enter addresses and this was reported through all services. Two months ago after a flat battery, the radio had an error message unable to read SD or Program. Toyota service said the radio is dead and its $2000 for a new one. After complaining they offered me one at half price. It is made by Fujitsu but Toyota cannot tell me what the error code "800539" on the screen means. I am suspicious it is only a corrupted SD Card, as it is not recognised via their map upgrade software nor does the card appear as a drive in windows disk manager and I do not get a drive number assigned. I have tried many times through device manager to reload drivers, etc. but the USB reader keeps loading and dropping the SD card and Toyota maps software keeps flicking every time this happens, which indicates it cannot also read the SD card. I am now forced to go through consumer affairs based on an "expected warranty of a product". I see the same issue with Corolla Head units. Has any one experienced this and solved it? I believe Fujitsu who makes the radios should be talking to Toyota and Toyota should know Fujitsu Error codes for the millions of radios they must purchase!

It isn’t something that has appeared on our radar, but I can’t believe that Toyota wouldn’t be able to fix it. You should consult Toyota’s customer assistance people and lodge your concerns with them.